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Services For Corporate

Good customer service starts with a friendly and courteous associate. The associate must be attentive; make eye contact and demonstrate a helpful and enthusiastic attitude. The associate should determine the customer’s individual needs and offer specific solutions. Finally, the business should provide the environment and tools necessary for the associate to do the job correctly. Some aspects of this would be competent and helpful managerial staff, and clean and tidy working conditions.

Prior to becoming a Professional Organizer, I worked in the Customer Service Industry for over 10 years. In addition, I was hired by corporate offices throughout the country to provide over 100 evaluations on businesses including retail, restaurants, and hotels. I know what to expect in a company's ability to offer reliable customer service.

I am very responsible, objective and extremely observant. Through workshops or on the job employee training I can help your company become more efficient while saving your company time and money.

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National Association of Professional Organizers