Betsy Kramer 
Cash in Clutter 
45 Adams Ave 
Elysburg, PA  17824 
Phone:  (570)898-4083


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For the Home
Tired of Living in Chaos??

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed in your home? Do you want your home to become your haven? I can help! I offer services that range from organizing your grocery list to cleaning out years of paper clutter. From drawers and closets to rooms and entire homes, I can help you create more space and implement a plan to help keep it that way.

I offer a unique perspective and clever ideas to transform any space...more

For Small Businesses
As a product of the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, I am passionate about helping other small businesses succeed. I realize that many roadblocks on the way to success can often take the form of clutter (both material and time). I have acquired the tools and knowledge to create success in my own business and am always eager to share my tips to help others... more

For the Corporate Workplace
Good customer service starts with a friendly and courteous associate. The associate must be attentive; make eye contact and demonstrate a helpful and enthusiastic attitude. The associate should determine the customer’s individual needs and offer specific solutions. Finally, the business should provide the environment and tools necessary for the associate to do the job correctly. Some aspects of this would be competent and helpful managerial staff, and clean and tidy working conditions... more



National Association of Professional Organizers