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Betsy's Story

Often times you may wonder why people are the way they are. Was it their upbringing? Is it their financial situation? Or was it something that happened to them along life’s pathway that made such an impression on them that they were changed forever? 

On December 3rd, 2001 my family, husband Scott, 3-year-old daughter Juliet and I, were enjoying our second day in Florida. Because of the 9/11 tragedies we opted to drive to Florida from our home state of Pennsylvania. We came back to our hotel room around 9:00pm and very swiftly fell fast asleep.

We were awoken to the hotel phone ringing at 10:00pm. Scott answered the phone and I immediately knew it was very bad news. Our home was gone. Our new home that we had built not quite one year earlier had burned to the ground.

We spent the next 20 hours in the car discussing the fate of our family. It was our responsibility to make this all okay for our daughter. Somewhere along that drive home we began to realize the truth of what is truly important in life. We may not have my wedding dress, but we have a happy marriage. We no longer had any material memorabilia of the early years of our daughter, but we HAD our daughter. We had nothing, but we had everything!

The weeks following, I spent hours upon hours listing every single last item from our home, it all had to be recorded. I had pages and pages full of stuff! Most of it meaningless clutter!! I was the type of person who would say, “I would NEVER pay that price for a pair of jeans,” yet I had over 20 pair of $15-$20.00 jeans!! I only had a few items in each room that truly meant anything to me, yet each room was packed. I had a house full of nothing special!

My entire life changed after the fire. When we built our new home I set up everything so much different! I buy things because I really love them and will use them, not because they are on sale. I quickly get rid of items when I am through with them. Less is definitely more when it comes to what you have in your home!! I once read a quote written by Will Smith that I just love, “We spend money we don’t have, buying things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like.” Not only do we fill our lives with things we don’t need, we just waste so much time!!

There are many different Organizational Experts. Often times though, the focus is on organizing your clutter. My focus is more on getting rid of the clutter; discovering why it got there in the first place, fixing the problem, and not allowing it back into our lives! I want to help people discover themselves through life management. Dr. James Dobson, a popular Evangelist, claims that Americans are living their lives in a “routine panic.” We have put such a high importance on things that the people in our lives often suffer.

My goal is to help others discover who they really are. When I lost everything tangible in my life, I felt very vulnerable. Digging through bags of donated clothes I felt very humble. Surrounded by only my family and not my things I felt very loved. Through it all I discovered who I was. It was such a blessing.

- Betsy Kramer


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